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There is an intangible quality to good design. A kind of magic that is difficult to describe but when you are in the presence of it, something inside awakens. A childlike wonder, where curiosity and whimsy are paramount. This is the experience of being here, in this city built by artists, in this home designed by a visionary who created a space that is both unrestrained and relaxed, unexpected and deeply welcoming. After you stay here, in your later meditations, this will be your happy place.

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Lounge in the hammock, cook a meal with your family, open the floor to ceiling glass doors and let that california breeze mingle. Come back from a day at the beach and wash off in the outdoor shower. With the main house plus a bonus studio, all fully equipped and separate yet connected just enough to have everyone be together but with ample space. All of this, walking distance to everything great on Abbot Kinney and Lincoln Blvd and the beach just a stroll away.

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