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Welcome to the Eco-tech Venice Beach Bungalow of your dreams. This property seamlessly mixes an environmentally conscious high end modernity with a laid back home away from home aesthetic. It's like a vision of the future painted with an artists eye. Between the gleaming solar panels on the roof and the warm French oak floors you will find yourself leafing through the bookshelf for your next great read or perhaps cooking a meal for the family on the Wolf stove. This is graceful architecture.

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03 The Space

Recently remodeled with every inch of the property considered and mulled over with comfort and environmental care at the forefront of the re-design. There's a gentle beach vibe flowing through the space. With that Venice sun shining in the window, you can't help but get filled with the warmth of the space. The question then begging to be asked: Should yo settle in and have an afternoon nap or don your flip flops and head out to the beach?

There is a gorgeous detached back unit also available to book either separately or simultaneously.

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