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Welcome to Rock n Roll heaven. You have arrived. This is the place where the music that defined a generation was born and raised. But this isn't the 60's! Today's Laurel Canyon has evolved. The laid back, sepia toned creative vibe is still alive and well but it's been combined with a modern, forward- thinking sensibility. This home is the poster child for this exact evolution. It's got an 'LA Woman' bungalow thing going on but combined with a keen eye for design. Its comfortable and perfect....

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Every corner has been considered and there's an effortless cool that is surprising and whimsical. It is an absolute treat to spend a little time here. You could while away the sunshine hours lounging by the private pool then make a meal for friends or sip a glass of wine on the comfy leather sofa. You won't want to leave but the shining light of Los Angeles beckons. You are within easy striking distance of everything great happening in Hollywood right now. This is what we love about this property. You can do and see and experience everything amazing in LA LA Land and when your spent and ready to retreat to your own hillside sanctuary, the house awaits, grateful for your return.

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