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This was Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels' favorite home on the Dwell on Design tour and when you are here you’ll understand why. It is emotional, tranquil and perfect. Perched near the apex of Beachwood Canyon, this 5 bedroom masterpiece effortlessly layers a warm hominess over a smart modern foundation. It is dazzling and breathtaking standing out on the flanked outdoor space, taking in a view which seems to extend beyond the edge of the world. The city sparkling below, the tree tops swaying gently in the warm Southern California breeze, somehow here, everything just seems right.

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The house is comprised of two areas: the more public living area is an indoor/outdoor oasis where as the private bedroom/bath area is nestled peacefully, cantilevered on the other side. 

From here you can walk to the Hollywood sign. Griffith Park is just around the corner with its incredible hiking trails and stable for the horseback riding enthusiast.

The iconic Griffith Observatory is a must visit.

The Beachwood Market and Cafe is just down the hill with its quaint local vibe.

Design and Luxury mastered.

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