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Tucked in like a sparkling jewel down the street from where 'This Is Us' has filmed for years, this immaculately curated, high-end bohemian artist's retreat awaits. Every thoughtful detail has been laid out with consideration for what sparks creativity, what calls forth the muse, how it feels to be surrounded by luxury and have that luxury serve your artistic output. Here you will be free to create, clear your mind and be swathed in the beauty and splendor of great design and private comfort.

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You can leave your car and walk everywhere. A short stroll through this historic 1920s community of Spaulding Square built for writers, directors, and film stars takes you to Bristol Farms or Whole Foods. Close by are Weho’s mix of restaurants and nightlife. This is a real quiet from the storm of LA LA Land. Come here to recuperate, heal, recharge, reinvigorate and restore.

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Tel: 530-701-0450

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